Exploring Chrome’s Native New Tab Feature: What You Need to Know

The chrome newtab is one of those technologies that has become a more prominent part of our lives. It allows users to customize their start page with features like shortcuts, themes, and bookmarks.

In this article, we will help you to know what is chrome native newtab. Using Chrome Native Newtab can greatly improve productivity, save time and make workflows more efficient.

Google Chrome is an amazing browser for users browsing the internet. Chrome has been constantly updating its features to provide a better browsing experience to users. One such feature that’s been around for a while is the Chrome new tab.

However, with the release of Chrome 77 in 2019, a new feature was added called Chrome Native Newtab. In this article, we’ll dive deep into what Chrome Native Newtab is. 

What Is Chrome Native Newtab

What is Chrome Native Newtab?

Chrome Native Newtab is an enhanced version of the traditional new tab. It provides easy access to frequently visited websites, suggested articles, and custom shortcuts. It has a cleaner and minimalistic design that helps improve the browsing experience.

The Chrome Native Newtab is enabled by default in Chrome. Users can switch back to the traditional new tab if they wish to. 

In addition to its customization options, Chrome Native Newtab also offers several other useful features. You can change the background image on your new tab page by settings. It will help you to get some personalization.

Chrome Native Newtab is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to optimize their web browsing experience. This tool makes it easier than ever to stay organized and productive while online with the help of intuitive design.

Whether you’re looking for quick access to your favorite websites or want additional functionality like integrated search capabilities or personalized backgrounds – this extension has covered you.

The Chrome Native Newtab UI

When users open a new tab, they are presented with a minimalistic design that displays the most visited sites, custom shortcuts, suggested articles from their browsing history, and a Google search bar.

The design is simple and modern, which helps in keeping the focus on the content instead of flashy distractions.

The Chrome Native Newtab UI is a feature every Chrome user should use. It allows users to customize their browser experience. They can do so by adding shortcuts to frequently used websites and organizing them into groups for easy access.

Moreover, users can choose from various background images or upload their own to personalize the page further.

One powerful aspect of the Chrome Native Newtab UI is its ability to display relevant information without extra effort. For example, it can show current weather conditions or news headlines based on the user’s location or interests. This saves time and makes browsing more efficient since users don’t have to search for this information.

The Chrome Native Newtab is divided into five sections:

Most VisitedThis section displays the most visited websites by the user. You will not need bookmarks. The feature is dynamic. It automatically updates the sites based on the user’s browsing history.

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Custom Shortcuts

Users can add custom shortcuts to their frequently visited websites or web apps. It can be easily done by clicking the “Add Shortcut” button below the Most Visited section.

Recently Closed Tabs

This section displays the tabs that the user has closed recently. It’s a handy feature for users who close tabs accidentally and need to access them quickly.

Suggested Articles

Based on the user’s browsing history, Google suggests articles related to the websites they’ve visited. The suggested articles section is a great way to discover new content and learn something new.

Google Search Bar

The last section displays a Google search bar. This bar allows users to search the web. The user can use it without navigating to a new tab. It’s a quick way to search for something without losing the context of the current tab. It is not just limited to searching the web.

It is the best option for looking up images and news articles. Due to this feature, it is a useful tool for researchers, writers, and anyone. It is the best source to fast access a wide range of information sources.

How is Chrome Native Newtab Different From The Traditional New Tab?

The traditional new tab in Chrome is a blank page with a Google search bar and some bookmarks. Users have to add bookmarks and shortcuts to frequently visited sites manually.

 The traditional new tab doesn’t provide any customization options or suggested articles. However, with the Chrome Native Newtab, all this changes.

Chrome Native Newtab is more intuitive and adapts to the user’s browsing history. It displays the most visited websites and suggests articles about user interests. Users can add custom shortcuts to their favorite websites.

It makes it easier to access them. The Chrome Native Newtab is more user-friendly and provides a better browsing experience than the traditional new tab.

Customizing the Chrome Native Newtab

This Newtab provides several customization options. 

Background Image

Users can select a background image from the provided library or upload their image. The image will be displayed as the background of the new tab.

Custom Shortcuts

You can also add custom shortcuts. You can add with the help of the “Add Shortcut” button. It is present just below the Most Visited section. Users can add custom icons and change the name of the shortcut.

Hide Sections

Users can toggle on/off the display of the Most Visited, Recently Closed Tabs, and Suggested Articles sections in the Chrome Native Newtab.

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Users can change the language of the Google search bar. Select the desired language.

Reset to Default

Amazingly, users can reset the Chrome Native Newtab to its default settings. For this, click on the “Reset” button. The reset button is present in the customization menu. 


Chrome Native Newtab is a great feature that provides a better browsing experience to users. It’s a more intuitive and user-friendly version of the traditional new tab. It adapts to the user’s browsing history and displays the most visited sites, custom shortcuts, suggested articles, and a Google search bar. 

The Chrome Native Newtab is customizable, allowing users to personalize their browsing experience. Users can add custom shortcuts, change the background image, toggle sections, change language, and reset to default settings.

In conclusion, Chrome Native Newtab is a useful feature that enhances the browsing experience and improves productivity.

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