What Does A Circle With A Line Through It Mean?

The symbol of a circle with a line through it is known as the Circle Backslash Symbol. It can appear in many places, from warning signs to online games. In this article, let’s see what does a circle with a line through it means.

The circle with a line through it signals that you may need to investigate or troubleshoot something further. It will help you to understand the reasons. If you’re unsure what the symbol means in a particular context or app, you can take help from the Android assistants.

What Does A Circle With A Line Through It Mean

Android Circle With A Line Through It

In the owner of an Android device, a circle with a line through it will be seen at some point. There are many issues behind popping up this issue.

Poor net connection is the biggest reason. Some of them are weak signals, network congestion, or an issue with your phone.

In the presence of this symbol, you won’t be able to perform any actions that require an internet connection. You won’t be able to make a call until the circle with a line through it disappears.

Sometimes, the circle with a line through it may appear briefly when you move from one area to another, and it doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem with your phone. However, if the symbol is displayed continuously despite your phone having a signal, it is worth investigating why this might be the case.

One of the most common reasons for this symbol is a weak signal. This can happen when surrounded by objects that interfere with the signals. Then it is better to try with strong signals.

Network congestion is another possible cause of the circle with a line through it. The overloaded network is also the biggest problem for Android users. It inhibits the proper functioning of the phone. You can try again later when the network congestion has eased in such cases.

If you still see the circle with a line through it on your Android phone, then it means your phone needs a restart action. Reset your phone or go to customer service for help in this case. 

Why Does Your Phone Go Straight To Voicemail? 

One of smartphone users’ most frustrating experiences is call goes straight to voicemail while the mobile rings. There are multiple reasons behind this issue. Here are some of the most common reasons behind this significant issue and their solution. 

Do Not Disturb Mode

Don’t keep your phone in Don’t Disturb mode; otherwise, all incoming calls will go straight to voicemail. This mode is useful when you are in a meeting, sleeping or just need some alone time. You can customize the way to allow calls from specific contacts or turn them off when it is no longer needed.

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Poor Signal 

There are many reasons behind this issue, and one of them could be weak signals. In this case, your incoming calls may go straight to voicemail.

This can happen if your area has poor network coverage, sometimes if you are surrounded by objects that interfere with the signal.

To address this issue, try moving to a different location or switching to airplane mode and back to refresh the connection.

Call Forwarding 

Incoming calls may be redirected to another number due to setting your phone to call forwarding option. If you are not receiving incoming calls, it is worth checking your phone’s settings. 


If you’ve accidentally added someone to your blocklist or have added their number due to some other reason, their calls will be automatically sent to your voicemail.

To check your blocklist, go to the Phone app and tap the three-dot menu icon. Select Settings-Calls-Blocked numbers and ensure that the number you want to receive calls from is not on the list.

Network Or Carrier Issues 

You may not be able to receive calls, which means there are network or carrier problems in your area. 

Out of coverage area

The other major reason behind not receiving any calls is that you may be out of your carrier’s coverage area. This is common when traveling to remote areas.

Try moving to an area with better coverage, or use apps like WhatsApp or Skype to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi

Phone issues

Sometimes it becomes possible that none of the above remedies work. It means that now there is a problem with your phone. To resolve the problem, restart your phone. If you still note problems, contact the manufacturer or carrier for assistance.

In conclusion

A circle with a line through it can be a sign that something is prohibited or disabled, while on Android devices, it may indicate an inability to connect to the mobile network.

If your phone goes straight to voicemail, there could be multiple reasons, such as poor signal, network or carrier issues, phone issues, or features like

Do Not Disturb mode or call forwarding. Identifying and fixing the underlying cause will help you handle incoming calls efficiently and avoid missing important calls.

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