What is Paybyplatema?

PaybyPlatema is a revolutionary new payment system revolutionizing how we make payments. It provides customers with an easy and secure way to purchase goods and services online and in-store.

This payment method has become popular among businesses, shoppers, and banks due to its convenience and security features.

By eliminating the need for credit cards, PayByPlatema makes it easier than ever to make secure payments online or in-store. Let’s have a look at what paybyplatema is.

What is Paybyplatema?

What is Paybyplatema

Paybyplatema is a technology that has revolutionized the way we pay tolls. It uses an electronic system that allows drivers to pass through toll booths without stopping and paying the toll.

Instead, the toll amount is automatically deducted from an account linked to the vehicle’s license plate number.

This technology has improved our daily lives by saving us time and reducing traffic congestion at toll booths.

Drivers no longer have to wait in long lines or fumble for cash or change to pay their tolls. They can drive through the designated lane, and Paybyplatema will take care of the rest.

Moreover, with Paybyplatema, drivers don’t have to worry about carrying exact change or losing their tickets in case they need them later for reimbursement.

This technology also eliminates the chance of human error when counting money or giving back change.
Paybyplatema is a convenient and efficient solution that makes driving easier and more enjoyable for everyone on the road.

PayByPlateMA also offers drivers the option of setting up a pre-paid account, automatically deducting funds from their balance each time they pass through a toll point.

Overall, this innovative technology saves time and reduces highway congestion by eliminating traditional methods of paying for highway usage fees, such as fumbling with cash or tokens and waiting in long lines at traditional booths.

The good news is that customers who use PayByPlateMA can also benefit from reduced tolls in Massachusetts, just like those with E-ZPassMA accounts.

The EZDrive MA Customer Service Center also accepts payments online and in person, making it easy and convenient for motorists to manage their accounts and make payments.

Whether you sign up for EZ-Pass or opt for PayByPlatema, you’ll enjoy seamless travel on Massachusetts’ highways with reduced toll rates and hassle-free payment options.

Registration Guide 


To register on the PaybyplateMA web portal, you need to visit the website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ tab in the homepage’s top right corner.

 You will be redirected to a registration page where you must fill in your details, such as name, email address, phone number, and residential address. Once you have filled in all the necessary information, click the ‘Register’ button.

After signing up successfully, you can log in by clicking on the ‘Login’ tab in the homepage’s top right corner. 

Enter your username, email address, and password, then click ‘Log In’. Once logged in, users can easily initiate toll payments using their account balance or preferred payment method.

It is important to note that registering for an account with PaybyplateMA allows users to initiate toll payments and gives access to additional features such as reviewing transaction history and managing payment methods.

 Therefore, it is highly recommended that users sign up before attempting any transactions through the PaybyplateMA web portal.

Method to Login Into


Once you have clicked on the login link and reached the PayByPlatema Login page, you will notice three empty sections that require your attention. 

These sections are Invoice Number, License Plate Number, and Zip Code. To access your account properly, all three sections must be filled out accurately.

The Invoice Number section requires the number at the top of your invoice or statement received via email. 

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The License Plate Number section needs to include the vehicle’s license plate number registered for PayByPlateMa. Lastly, the Zip Code section requires the zip code corresponding to where you receive mail.

Once all three sections are completed with accurate information, click on Submit and proceed to your account. You can view your current balance due or any recent transactions made through PayByPlateMa.

Payment Options

The PayByPlatema official site offers a convenient and easy solution when paying toll collection invoices. 

The website allows you to pay for tolls collected through video images, so you don’t have to worry about stopping at booths or searching for loose change in your car.

By visiting, you can access your account and view your outstanding balances. You can then make payments online using various payment options such as credit/debit cards or electronic checks.

This means you can easily manage your account from anywhere, anytime, without physically visiting an office.

The website also provides helpful resources such as FAQs and customer support services should you encounter any issues with payment or need additional assistance.

Overall, the Paybyplatema official site offers a hassle-free way to pay for tolls and ensures drivers can keep up with their payments conveniently and efficiently.

You can pay manually;

  • EZDrive MA customer service center
  • PO Box 8007
  • Auburn, MA   01501- 8007
  • Fax: (508) 786-5222.
  • Email address:
  • Phone number: (877) 627-7745.

Customer Service is the official website for Massachusetts drivers to pay their toll bills online. The website offers a convenient and user-friendly platform where drivers can access their MA accounts and make payments quickly and easily. 

Users can log in to their accounts, view their outstanding balances, and pay using a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.

The customer service team at is always available to assist users with questions or concerns. Customers can access the FAQ section of the website for answers to common questions about billing, payment methods, toll violations, and more.

In addition to this resource, customers can also reach out directly via phone or email for personalized assistance.

If you’re a Paybyplatema user experiencing issues with the service, don’t hesitate to contact EZDriveMA’s customer service center. 

Located at 27 Midstate Drive Auburn, MA 01501-1800, the centre is designed to help users resolve any general problems they might face while using the Paybyplatema service. The centre is open on all business days from Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

In addition to phone support (1-877-627-7745), users can contact customer support via email – or fax: (508) 786-5222.

An EZDriveMA representative will be available during working hours to respond promptly to your queries and provide relevant solutions for any issues you may encounter while operating your account online.


In conclusion, PaybyPlateMA is an efficient and convenient way for Massachusetts residents to pay their highway tolls. It offers a way to pay electronically, eliminating the need for cash or change. 

The process is simple and secure, ensuring that payments are processed quickly and safely. This modern payment platform has been able to streamline the payment process for thousands of users quickly, making it easier than ever to pay your highway tolls on the go.

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